Making Space for Nature

Environmental growth, healthier habitats, public facing

Project aims/ background:

Cornwall Council’s Making Space for Nature project aimed to create more biodiverse greenspaces in towns. The project aims were to create the space and conditions for more abundant and healthier habitats, species and natural systems within towns to improving the lives of people. Wildlife is gradually being lost from towns and Cornwall Council wanted to reverse this trend by providing homes for insects, birds and other wild creatures while making beautiful places for people.

What CEC did/ delivered:

CEC were appointed to design biodiverse urban greenspaces and write management plans for 24 spaces across Cornish 7 towns with the aim of improving them for both wildlife and people.

CEC provided the project with the following for the 24 public open spaces:

  •       Landscape maintenance plans
  •       Cost schedules
  •       Bird and bat box plans
  •       Planting schedule and lists
  •       Soft landscaping schemes
  •       Project management spreadsheet
  •       Bill of quantities
  •       Health and safety advice
  •       Community liaison

Outcome for client:

CEC assisted in the delivery of this successful European Rural Development Funded project which was completed in December 2022. There have been multiple benefits from the Making space for nature strategy which included:

  •       Created new wildflower patches contributing to the national effort to turn around the loss of British meadows.
  •      Created new hedges and woodland to provide homes for hedgehogs.
  •       Improved spaces and created havens for birds, insects, hedgehogs, and wildlife.
  •       Created attractive spaces in towns and enhancing space for people to relax and exercise.
  •       Educated people and encouraging them to join in to help nature.
  •       Improved access and understanding through signage, seating, paths and ‘natural play’ opportunities.
  •      Delivered an area the size of 28 rugby pitches as wildlife habitat for people to enjoy in urban environments.

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