Sustainability & Policy

Cornwall Environmental Consultants can produce sustainability and environmental management policies for your business.

We have a track record in producing policies with practical, easy to apply environmental steps for your business.

We develop bespoke environmental policies in collaboration with you, ready for adoption by your company.

CEC can help produce suitability policies for your project, charity or business. These typically include the overall aim of the policy, the responsible person and the environmental risks possible from your current operations, alongside a plan for how you will run your procurement and operational processes to minimise impact on the environment and support the local circular economy. We will help you take practical steps to reduce energy, waste and water consumption within your business activities. 

Overall our aim is to work with you to achieve a reduction in emissions through practical steps, as we all work to minimise our impacts on the environment.

Interested in how we can help?

We’re always happy to chat and share our experience; get in touch and let’s chat about your project, and we’ll help you to move forward.