Landscape Character Assessment

CEC can undertake landscape character assessment work for Local Authorities, Neighbourhood Plan groups and other entities such as AONB or Natural England to inform their strategic, management and development plans. It can also be undertaken on a site specific basis, for smaller land units, if a specific project requires this.Landscape character assessment work looks at defining local land description units, landscape character types and landscape character areas. This is done using desk based information on for example geology, soils, land form, land use, settlement pattern, historic landscape, in combination with field work and consultation. It is often done using GIS data sets and producing GIS outputs.

We have expertise in preparing landscape character assessments, including GIS capabilities to support mapping needs. Published landscape character assessment information is used by CEC’s landscape architects frequently to inform LVA and LVIA work.


Victoria Hole
Manager of Penwith Landscape Partnership
PLP and That’s Our Parish
“Our collaboration with CEC on That’s Our Parish has increased awareness and appreciation of the West Penwith landscape within local communities. CEC bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and technical skill which has ensured high quality project outcomes. Their work to deliver the Landscape Character Assessments has empowered local people to connect with their local landscape, to protect features of key importance, and raise landscape issues.”

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