PEA – Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

A Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) or Phase 1 Habitat Survey normally consists of a desktop study and a site visit to map the habitats present and identify potential for protected species. Subject to any further protected species surveys, the final report is ready for your planning application.

Our ecologists will update you when the survey has been undertaken – flagging up any issues that may have an impact on the development – and will prepare a report to include an executive summary, methodology, desk study and survey results. We will also provide any recommendations for further surveys required and/or mitigation that might be needed during and after development works. If further work is required, this is carried out before the planning application is determined. CEC’s experienced and licensed ecologists can undertake these for you – common surveys include bat, badger, dormouse, reptile and birds.

Clear digital maps can also be included to illustrate ecological features on-site and recommendations on how to protect and enhance them as required by policy and legislation.

All reports are produced according to the latest best-practice guidance, including BS42020:2013 (required for ecological reports accompanying planning applications), and all relevant CIEEM guidance, ensuring all constraints and opportunities are identified at the earliest stage and any risks to the project reduced.

The four main relevant pieces of legislation are the Environment Act (2021), the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981), the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations (2017) and the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006. The main source of national planning policy relating to ecology is the National Planning Policy Framework (2012).

The aim of a PEA is to identify the key ecological constraints and opportunities on a site. If no further surveys are needed, this report can be upgraded to an Ecological Impact Assessment

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Keith Barnett
Private Client
Preliminary Ecological assessment (PEA), PEA – reptile, species survey and Phosphate Impact Assessment
“We contacted CEC as we are planning to build on our land and wanted to support the business arm of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and felt CEC would have a wide range of ecology expertise. We were not disappointed! We requested an ecological survey for planning (PEA). This identified the need for an additional species survey. The ecologists were friendly and passionate about their work. We found their knowledge to be so educational in developing and enhancing our project around the strengths of the existing habitat. For example, providing planting suggestions and how to create different habitats for various species in the new building and the landscaping. Crucially CEC also provided an easy to follow and achieve mitigation strategy for protected species during the building process. The experience has been so positive, especially with having such enthusiastic people guiding us. With biodiversity seriously declining over recent years, it is a fantastic feeling to be able to give something back to nature. We so look forward to being colonised in the future by additional species, such as bats and lizards!”