Contaminated Land

Contaminated land is a term used to describe land containing substances which are potentially hazardous to human health or the environment. The natural geology and past industrial land uses of Cornwall mean it has a particular need for contaminated land assessments, which are often needed to accompany your planning application.

Phase I Contaminated Land Assessments

We can offer Phase 1 contaminated land assessments, these comprise desktop appraisals and a site walkover survey. The report will establish potential sources of contamination and evaluate how this might affect site users as well as the wider environment. If a risk is identified a Phase 2 report may be recommended.

Phase 1 reports are often sufficient to accompany your planning application.

Phase II Land Contamination Intrusive Investigation

The aim of the Phase 2 investigation is to determine the levels of contaminants that might be present using soil samples. The samples are collected from across the site and analysed in accordance with standard national guidelines.

Phase III Remediation Method Statement

Phase III remediation statements set out a remediation strategy which will remove the risks to humans and the environment from the contaminants which have been found to be present at the Phase II stage.

Phase IV Remediation Verification Report

Phase IV remediation verification reports require site visits to monitor the remediation works identified at Stage III.

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