Visualisations & GIS

Visualisations are one of the most effective ways to present development proposals, whether in support of planning applications, public consultation design competitions or to help obtain funding.

CEC can assist you in getting the most from the visualisations through use of a range of images and graphics from conceptual design to fully rendered masterplans, as well as views of development proposals. Having worked with many different clients, we are able to provide guidance on the style of images that will best promote your project.

We can produce the following key outputs:

  • Rendered concept plans
  • Rendered masterplans
  • Visual sketches and illustrative 3D views
  • Technical CAD drawings and models including landform, contours, sections, volume calculations, levels, details
  • Wireframes and photomontages of renewable energy projects such as wind turbines
  • Wireframes and photomontages for development proposals if basic SketchUp model is provided by architects – for complex projects we may use sub-consultants
  • GIS mapping
  • Zones of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) drawings for landscape and visual assessment purposes

Mapping and visuals are a key part of our ecology and landscape work and play an important role in site assessment, design strategies, planning applications and community consultation.

We can produce ZTVs for any project at any scale; whether a residential development, road or renewable energy scheme. Outputs are produced using digital terrain models (DTM) generated from Ordnance Survey data. The models can also have further detail added such as main woodland blocks and settlements.

Using ArcGIS software, we can produce a wide range of outputs from simple digitising and mapping to more complex data creation and analysis. This can be used to capture, manage, analyse and display data as well as visualise data to highlight the distribution of features demonstrating patterns or relationships.

If you require any further information please call us on 01872 245510 or contact us to discuss your project and requirements.

Natalie Duley-Moore MEnvSci (Hons) MIEMA CEnv
Principal Environmental Consultant
Arcadis Consulting (UK) Limited
This was a complex project, carefully managed by CEC to ensure that the various surveys were undertaken on schedule, and that outputs and reports were completed in good time to meet project milestones. CEC’s pro-active approach helped the project team to ensure that ecological requirements were incorporated into the scheme design from the start. We are delighted that the project achieved the Building with Nature Design award, and that outline permission has been granted. CEC are still an integral part of the project team, as LGV progresses through Reserve Matters Applications, supporting the client by ensuring surveys and ecological conditions are discharged to allow works on site to progress without delay.

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