Penwith Landscape Partnership – That’s our Parish

Project aims/ background:

That’s our Parish was one of 13 sub projects delivered under the ‘First and Last – Our Living Working Landscapes Project’ commissioned by the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, working with the Penwith Landscape Partnership.

The aim of the ‘That’s our Parish’ project was to provide local residents with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their local landscape and to bring communities together to survey and record what was important to them about the landscape in which they live through a local landscape character assessment.

What CEC did/ delivered:

CEC provided the technical expertise to guide local volunteers in the process of landscape character assessment. The team:

  • Held workshops to train local people how to undertake a landscape assessment,
  • Supported the volunteers whilst they undertook the assessment in the field and learnt how to fill in the survey forms
  • Collated a draft report for each parish from the volunteers fieldwork assessment sheets
  • Hosted public consultation events to hear the wider community’s views on the draft assessment report and also on what makes their landscape unique and valuable to them
  • Compiled a final Project Report detailing the assessment methodology, and six separate Parish Volumes providing the detailed landscape assessments and community value comments.

Outcome for client:

‘That’s our Parish’ project will create 6 detailed Parish scale landscape character assessments, to be owned by each Parish Council to be a record of what makes the Parish unique, and to be a base for future landscape projects.

The completed Character Assessments will be valuable for future land management, as a base for further landscape projects, and to support the Parish Councils in decisions relating to landscape character.

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